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Everyone is a Photographer...

Really...anyone with a cell phone with a built-in camera can say they are a photographer...anyone who buys a DSLR can say they are a the same way, I would like to claim that I am also the following:

  1. COSMETOLOGIST: I have cut my son's hair on a few occasions. Hey, I have professional buzzers and scissors, so I must be a cosmetologist! No matter that a cosmetologist spends a lot of a time and money in further education, having the right supplies, knowing the right techniques...nope! I HAVE THE EQUIPMENT, SO THEREFORE, I CAN DO IT. (See how it sounds...??)
  2. ITALIAN CHEF: Step off, Olive clam linguine is better than yours. 
  3. MECHANIC: I could probably watch some video tutorials on how to change my own oil, so how hard could it be to do other stuff...whatever.
  4. DOCTOR: Dr. ::INSERT POPULAR SEARCH ENGINE THAT RHYMES WITH...BUGLE:: I usually know what is wrong with me better than my own doctor. I tell them what to do with me. Like...don't run that test, because I am not trying to pay $1,500 for you to "just in case" tell me something that may or may not be upsetting my nervous system right now. I don't care how many years you went to school. I can go on the Mommy FB groups ALL DAY LONG and give out unsolicited medical advice, and I guarantee you someone there would listen and do it, and I didn't have to go to med school for that. Boom. 
  5. JUDGE: I watch crime shows. I have seen Divorce Court on daytime TV. I have GREAT OPINIONS!!!

I think you get the point. You can't just buy a camera and be a photographer. That isn't how it works. Once the session is over, there are countless hours spent on editing. Being very detail-oriented, I will post process erase every weird stick, leaf, bird poop (OMG, HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE NOT NOTICE AND/OR REMOVE BIRD POOP?! #petpeeve), stray hairs, blemishes...and, my very favorite skill....HEAD SWAPS! :) To get to my long-winded point, I wanted to share some before and afters from some of my most recent sessions just so you can get an idea of how much work goes into post-processing after a session. I refuse to just pop a filter on a photo and call it good. You can't just get the "After" photos like I have without many hours of education and lots and lots and lots of investments made into myself and my business. It is a form of art. I definitely have so much more to learn and so much further to go, and I am constantly competing against myself to have each session be better than the one before. 


P.S. BTW, I don't have your standard photographer's bio. I am pretty sarcastic, and I like to joke around and make people feel comfortable...the kids love it. I mean...if you and your spouse need to tail gate before a session, by all will not offend me. I can get you an Uber after if need be...(Uber fee not included in the session price...) 




I hear this about 95% of the time. I am guilty of this as well. As a photographer, I take thousands of pictures of my own children. Most of them are digital files, and most of them are on a hard drive somewhere, never to see the light of day again. One time, my dog knocked the hard drive over, and...GASP...EVERYTHING WAS GONE!!! Photographers are not responsible to hold your files after delivery after an agreed upon time, so what would you do?! CRY! That is what I did anyway...


This is your legacy. This is your family. This is you! This is your family's record. By printing your photos and ordering tangible products, you are preserving your family's record and ensuring that your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren have your record. You want it in your hands. You want it displayed. You should be proud of what you have created! I practice what I preach. I have walls and walls of framed photos, StoryBlocks, gallery wraps, and metal prints proudly displayed in my home. My children love seeing them! They tell people who visit about their photos. It boosts their self-esteem to see themselves on the walls of their home and see how proud we are of them. At family gatherings, we remember the days together when we took our photos. These are our memories. These are your heirlooms! It is your art. You want to own it.


Photographs stand the test of time. It was not that long ago that we had VHS, large cell phones!! Wow! USB drives didn't even exist that long ago! The digital age is upon us, and its future evolution is unknown. Things are being stored on smaller and smaller devices. We have countless logins to cloud storage, social media...these things actually make our photos less accessible in the future. Will you give your children and grandchildren passwords and logins to cloud-based storage when you are old and gray? Are we going to gather our grandchildren around in a circle and pass around a laptop or tablet? (Do we even know if laptops will exist in the future?) One thing is certain in our technology-based world - physical prints, gallery wraps, albums...these things will continue to exist, and it is so important to preserve your history. 


I am not talking about using local labs in the grocery store and the online retailers that like to hand out coupons for free things with every random purchase you make. (Please explain to me why I am receiving a free photo book coupon with my online clothing order?! Back up off me, unnamed company! #youknowwhoyouare). These places are great for Xmas cards, invitations, etc., but NOT for the art in your home. (Don't get me started on how their discolor the images and basically undo all of the hard work your photographer has done for you!) I work with professional labs that ONLY work with photographers, and I am very serious about the quality of products that I deliver to my clients. I have spent hours upon hours researching labs, comparing products, color matching, and ensuring that the quality is there for you so that you don't have to worry about it. When you are hiring a photographer, you should let the pro do the work that he/she is trained to do. 


Some of the photos on the wall to be attributed to Emily Jayne Photography & Where the Heart Is (Audrey Schultz)!