Everyone is a Photographer...

Really...anyone with a cell phone with a built-in camera can say they are a photographer...anyone who buys a DSLR can say they are a photographer...in the same way, I would like to claim that I am also the following:

  1. COSMETOLOGIST: I have cut my son's hair on a few occasions. Hey, I have professional buzzers and scissors, so I must be a cosmetologist! No matter that a cosmetologist spends a lot of a time and money in further education, having the right supplies, knowing the right techniques...nope! I HAVE THE EQUIPMENT, SO THEREFORE, I CAN DO IT. (See how it sounds...??)
  2. ITALIAN CHEF: Step off, Olive Garden...my clam linguine is better than yours. 
  3. MECHANIC: I could probably watch some video tutorials on how to change my own oil, so how hard could it be to do other stuff...whatever.
  4. DOCTOR: Dr. ::INSERT POPULAR SEARCH ENGINE THAT RHYMES WITH...BUGLE:: I usually know what is wrong with me better than my own doctor. I tell them what to do with me. Like...don't run that test, because I am not trying to pay $1,500 for you to "just in case" tell me something that may or may not be upsetting my nervous system right now. I don't care how many years you went to school. I can go on the Mommy FB groups ALL DAY LONG and give out unsolicited medical advice, and I guarantee you someone there would listen and do it, and I didn't have to go to med school for that. Boom. 
  5. JUDGE: I watch crime shows. I have seen Divorce Court on daytime TV. I have GREAT OPINIONS!!!

I think you get the point. You can't just buy a camera and be a photographer. That isn't how it works. Once the session is over, there are countless hours spent on editing. Being very detail-oriented, I will post process erase every weird stick, leaf, bird poop (OMG, HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE NOT NOTICE AND/OR REMOVE BIRD POOP?! #petpeeve), stray hairs, blemishes...and, my very favorite skill....HEAD SWAPS! :) To get to my long-winded point, I wanted to share some before and afters from some of my most recent sessions just so you can get an idea of how much work goes into post-processing after a session. I refuse to just pop a filter on a photo and call it good. You can't just get the "After" photos like I have without many hours of education and lots and lots and lots of investments made into myself and my business. It is a form of art. I definitely have so much more to learn and so much further to go, and I am constantly competing against myself to have each session be better than the one before. 


P.S. BTW, I don't have your standard photographer's bio. I am pretty sarcastic, and I like to joke around and make people feel comfortable...the kids love it. I mean...if you and your spouse need to tail gate before a session, by all means...you will not offend me. I can get you an Uber after if need be...(Uber fee not included in the session price...)