baby Hazel <3 // newborn photography // Kalamazoo, MI

So, this precious little angel came into this world just a bit before we expected! Right as I was getting ready to email her beautiful mama to confirm our maternity session date, I opened my email to see that Miss Hazel had decided to grace us with her presence early! Sadly, we didn’t get to capture maternity photos, but her newborn photos more than make up for that…LOOK AT THAT FACE!

There is something that is so stinking cute about doing a session with a brand new baby of the family and seeing the interaction of the parents with their little one…I don’t think people notice how much I am noticing them (I promise, I am not weird or creepy…omg…please…don’t think I am a weirdo…) but I like to listen to how they talk to one another, how they talk to the baby, and how they help each other navigate through what is a new experience with bringing a baby to get photographs done…Max and Mary did not disappoint, I will say! First of all, you guys are adorable together, and this baby girl…I CANNOT get over how adorable she is. People always gush about how they have perfect babies or whatever…but dude. LOOK. AT. HER. She is THE CUTEST!!! I probably said that a few times during our time together…she slept the whole time! I didn’t have to bust out any tricks…she is just a good little baby!

GUESS WHAAAAAAAT?! She is a baby package client! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!! DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS?! Every 3 months, we get to see the cuteness grow! I cannot wait!!! I seriously edited the entire session in one day because I just couldn’t stop myself…each photo was cuter than the next!

Here is my favorite part…the baby’s nickname from her father…HAZELNUT! It kills me! It is the sweetest little name for the sweetest little baby girl! I am definitely looking forward to documenting her first year of life in this world! And since we missed out on the maternity session, we will make up for it when she is 18 months! I am sure that will be here before we know it!

Congrats to this beautiful family! <3 :)