Seniors - What's YOUR passion?

If you want to skip past the babble, scroll down! :)

I feel like my head is spinning! I had the most awesomest of awesome experiences in the month of June…I got to learn techniques from the world-renowned, countless award winning, incredibly BRILLIANT artist and photographer, Ben Shirk! You guys just don’t even know…I stumbled across him one day scrolling through Facebook, and I have been hooked ever since. His work is beyond amazing, and here is what is awesome…I learned directly from him! IN PERSON! At his amazing studio! Surrounded by his amazing work! Seeing his process! DUDE. I am talking in sentence fragments…

Anyway, if you aren’t a photographer or artist, it might just go over your head, but imagine learning from someone whom you consider to be your idol. I hope to be half as talented someday! I felt so honored to be there, and one thing that really got me was when he talked about his process for creating art pieces or preparing for a shoot, he spoke of things that I do myself. That was REALLY cool. Gaining new perspective and ideas on how to better my photography, that was priceless to me. I am ecstatic to be able to do these things for my clients…

Here is what I am seeking! I want to work with high school seniors (or anyone who has a passion for something!) who wants to have their talents showcased! If you play multiple sports, have multiple talents…that is even better!!

Do you…

  • Play sports?

  • Play an instrument?

  • Dance?

  • Sing?

  • Love animals?

  • Play video games?

What’s YOUR passion(s)? What defines you?? I want to capture that for you and create amazing artwork for you that is unique to you. You have worked hard. You deserve something that showcases your talents and makes you look amazing.

Each unique concept is $250 for the session fee, which includes the photo session and artwork conceptualization. Packages can be designed for you to also include a traditional senior session. Mom, Dad, Parental Figure, Guardians…let’s do this!