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Did you guys know that 5 minutes ago I was pregnant with my first kid, and then I blinked and now have a 4 and 5 year old? This kid is in 1st grade already. FIRST GRADE, dude. How/What/When did this happen? Am I being a total mom cliche yet? The smaller one will be in kindergarten next year. My dogs are now approaching the end of their days, which I cannot handle, so we went out and got a puppy…

Whether or not YOU as a parent want to get photos done, think about your children. I’m looking at you, MOM AND DAD….we got family photos done…uhh…it is so hard to count…WAIT NO IT ISN’T. We got them done once maybe when I was like 2? Or 3? OH and once when I was like 7 for the church directory…with my Dad, we got them done once. One time. I didn’t change at all through the years…/sarcasm, amirite? I just wish we had more together.

I wish so badly that I had family photos of us growing up. It’s a bummer. I love so much looking at family photos. With my own family, we are doing family photos OFTEN. As shown, we have changed quite a bit in the past 14 years together! That handsome guy used to have black hair…he is now my silver fox with his giant beard that I have to beg him to shave all the time, but at least I can look back at photos to remember what his actual face looks like ahahaha.

Last year when we had our family photos done, I was holding my son in my arms. This year, I cannot hold him anymore. In that one year, he has grown so big that I cannot hold him anymore. It makes me die a little inside! I mean…I CAN hold him, but he is over half my size now, and unless I really want to displace my spinal column, I have to admit that he is now too big. But, I digress.

Family photos help document the growth and change of your family. They showcase where your children are at in this moment in time. They preserve that forever. When my grandkids are 5, they will be able to look at the photos of their parents and see who they were at that same point in life. This is your history and documentation of your milestones. When we are old and gray, these memories will be preserved for us. We are creating heirlooms for our future generations!

Sadly, the reality is none of us know our future, and photos also preserve our time on this planet together. I will NEVER ever regret these photos. I might regret going to Target on a random weekday and dropping $350 on stuff that the Target TELLS me that I need (I LOVE YOU, TARGET!!!), but I have never, and will never, regret the photos that I have on my walls and the artwork that shows our love as a family proudly displayed in my home.

Here is my pitch - book a session with me! I will help you document your lives with the ones you love the most.

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P.S. Handing over random Snapchat photos to your future grandchildren will NOT be a good look. Let’s just not. I’ll help you with that…

Click here for some further reading that discusses how family photos help boost your child’s self-esteem! I wholeheartedly agree with this! Every time I hang a new portrait of my children on the walls, they are so excited. I remember my younger sister bringing people to my home and showing them all of the pictures I had of her hanging up growing up…<3 I love this article! I have it posted on my main photography page because I feel it is so true and so important.

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