Baby Hubert // Kalamazoo, MI Maternity Photographer

My big sister is about to be a mother, so here is what: I am SO EXCITED!!! First of all, I am done with the babies, so I get to get my baby fix from my sisters without having to do the work, so that is wonderful. We start the year with her getting married to our awesome friend, Brian, and then these two are some of these people who didn’t have to do anything but go on a honeymoon to get a baby, so that was amazing. Uncle Brian is like…THE UNCLE, you know…like the Uncle that all of the kids love, so the fact that they are about to be parents is really, really awesome. I cannot wait to meet Baby Grant! We are all so excited for our newest family member!

Being sisters, we have had our share of bickering and beating the crap out of each other as kids, so it is slightly satisfying that she is just as miserable being pregnant as I was! MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! Ahahahhaha! No just kidding because seriously…growing a human is tough stuff for some of us. Although these days, it seems like it never even happened that I was pregnant, so don’t worry, Big Sis, this will all be a distant memory soon! At least you are a cute pregnant person!!!