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Birthday Brothers! // Kalamazoo, MI

Birthday Brothers! // Kalamazoo, MI

Brothers celebrating their 4 year and 1 year milestones! :)

Davis Family // Spring 2019 // Kalamazoo, MI

Davis Family // Spring 2019 // Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo, MI Family Photography

Weeknight Sessions (Discount!!!!) // Kalamazoo, MI Photographer

I get told this all the time….

“I have been meaning to get family photos done, but I just never have the time!”

Message received…I get it. I don’t have time for anything ever in life. I feel like I get nothing accomplished, but I am always busy. Maybe this is what being an adult is? Woof.

Here is what I am planning for 2019 now that we finally are in the realm of ‘it no longer gets dark at 5 ’o clock in the evening anymore’ time. For all of you busy folks, one weeknight per week, I will be offering shorter sessions at a lower rate than a typical session. And, this can be used for any session with the exception of a newborn session!

So, if you are a senior in high school in so many activities and working a job that you don’t have time to dedicate to a full session, Wednesday evenings will be your time. Family of 5 with so many activities going on that you can’t see straight? BOOM. You’re in! You say you have a 3 year old who hates getting his picture taken? Well, GREAT! I will spend 10 minutes playing with the little dude getting him happy, and 10 minutes taking his picture, and you will walk away with some magic.

Here is the thing…I am not into themed sessions. I am not really even sure what you would do with the photos after. I just want everyone to have a few wonderful images to hang on the wall and mail out to grandparents, hang on the fridge, and be super proud that you made that family, and you have cute kids. EVERY FAMILY SHOULD GET AN UPDATED PHOTO EVERY YEAR!

C’mon, you guys! COME ON! :) If you have children that look the same from year-to-year, I think I might have to call the law, because you might just be an alien…I mean, that is cool if you are an alien from outer space…but for the rest of you, you should be documenting these changes, and I don’t mean just on your cell phone! DON’T GET ME STARTED ON SNAPCHAT FILTERS! AHHHHHHHHH.

Sorry…sorry for losing it there…I just can’t deal with it. It is so important. Time is something we can never get back!

WHAT IS THE CATCH?!?! Okay, I suppose there has to be one. The catch is, once the weeknight for that week has been scheduled, that is the one and only weeknight I will do for the week. The other catch is that the locations will be limited. That is pretty much it…so I guess that isn’t really that bad. I am just part-time right now! :)


  • 20-minute session time

  • Open to any type of session with the exception of newborns (and obviously weddings, parties, etc…those don’t fit in this formula, guys. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to ask!)

  • Cost: $125 session fee, which will include choice of five high-resolution digital images. Additional images/products may be purchased based on current Product List on

  • Location to be determined by me based on weather and preferred style of clients.

  • Offer ends when daylight savings time decides to make it impossible to have sessions… :)

FINE PRINT: Pricing subject to change at any time. Please note: This offer cannot be redeemed for sessions scheduled prior to 3/11/2019. Clients may redeem this offer up to 2x in a given calendar year. Pricing only available Monday-Thursday evenings between 5:30 and 7:00 pm depending on weather and lighting available. Studio sessions not available for this offer.

Bob & Deanna's Kiddos! :) // Kalamazoo, MI

I just love this family dynamic because it reminds me so much of mine growing up (three girls to one boy)! Miles may be outnumbered by the girls, but let me tell you, he will grow up knowing exactly how to handle himself! Bob & Deanna have created a beautiful family!

I loved spending time with these kiddos…I may or may not have been tackled during our session…hey, that’s what happens when you commit to what you’re doing! You gotta make it fun! :)

Class of 2019 BONUS!

With graduation season approaching for the 2018 school year, this year's high school juniors are probably getting a little bit excited to become seniors themselves! I AM EXCITED, TOO! :) :) Senior sessions are really special, and I just absolutely love spending time with each individual and making their sessions easy and fun. I am a big fan of not being annoying or weird so that these young adults don't think I am a dork...I am trying to score points with the youth of today. I don't know what the lingo is anymore though...maybe someone can let me know? I am around toddlers too much to know what the older kids are saying these days. 

This year, I have put together packages for my senior families so that the work is done for you. HERE IS THE BONUS! Each Class of 2019 Senior Session gets a bonus family session free once the package is paid in full! WOO HOO! If you are interested in details, feel free to send me an email, text, or we can schedule a phone call! We can meet prior to our session to go over details as well to make everything seamless and easy, or we can do everything electronically. I understand how busy everyone is these days, so whatever works best for you is what will happen. 

Financing is always available for my packages! 25% down is due prior to the session date, and the rest is due in either 3 or 6 months depending on the option chosen. Products will be ordered and delivered following the package being paid in full!