Beautiful Mama <3 // Kalamazoo, MI maternity session

I feel like there is just no justice I can do to the beauty that is my gorgeous friend, Johanna. You know that old cliche about a friendship that is so important that you can go forever without seeing each other, and when you finally do get to spend time together, it is just like when you left off? That is what I am lucky enough to have with this beautiful woman! Even though life keeps us busy, our friendship is so special to me, and I just love that no matter how much time goes by between our visits that I know things will always be the same. I cannot wait to meet baby #4! I am guessing a boy...I think the girls need a brother...and I am 50% confident in my odds! <3 :) :) :) Either way, I know that this baby will bring wonderful things to this world, just like his/her older sisters! The world needs more people like the Potters in it. It is a great honor to get to capture my beautiful friend showcasing her wonderful talents! Check her out at