Jessie & The Boys // Kalamazoo, MI Family Photographer

I always love spending time with these boys and their beautiful mama, Jessie!! We had so much fun walking around, goofing off, and joking about Mr. Dami’s girlfriend…she may or may not be named, “Bobita!” Haha…we may never know! These boys definitely love their mother, and they are so much fun to be around! Damien may have thought he was being pretty clever with his “model” poses, but they turned out to be very cute in the end! I know how to sneak in there and get genuine poses and faces, so despite his best efforts with his bunny ears and other antics, I caught him a few times being his cute little self! Jordan is just too freaking much…he is so adorable! He looks just like his mother!!! Obviously, she is beautiful, so he can’t help but be the cutest little guy there is!!! He was very, very generous and let his buddy, “Snakey,” help me take some photos! I just love all of these people!!! I am lucky to know them! <3