Easter is the time of year where you may see photographers advertising sessions with live animals (bunnies & chicks, to be exact). It may seem to be a very cute idea, but this is not something that should be taken lightly. Animals and clients could be harmed during these sessions, especially with young toddlers and babies. Rabbits have been known to die from fright! Now, this is something I would NEVER want to happen to the animal, nor to traumatize a precious child!! On top of that, there are licensing requirements with the USDA, handling training that should be done prior to the session, and with mini sessions, there just is not adequate time to ensure that both clients and the animals can be safe during the entire session. I would never want to risk the safety of animals or young children, so I do not participate in these types of sessions.

NEVER FEAR!! If you have your heart set on an adorable keepsake of your child with bunnies and chicks, I am able to create photos that appear to have REAL animals in them! (The magic of Photoshop is a beautiful thing!) I would absolutely love to create a composite image celebrating this time of year with your child that gives the illusion of being surrounded by cute little chicks and bunnies! Contact me if you would love to have an Easter mini session for your child(ren)!  

If you are working with another photographer who will have live animals, please do not be afraid to ask the important questions on whether or not the proper licensing has been obtained and if there is adequate insurance to protect your child in the event something goes wrong. If it is on the up and up, then the photographer should be more than happy to provide you with the information to give you piece of mind.