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Photo by payphoto/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by payphoto/iStock / Getty Images

If you just want to see about financing...scroll to the bottom... :) :) :) 

Photography is an investment. A session is something that has a lifetime return. Many of us have an issue with instant gratification (social media FTW) and think of a photography session as something that is happening right now. How many people get a session done with online galleries see the LOVE the get the Facebook/Instagram likes...then, a couple of days later, it's done. You got a DVD from a photographer, you say? What did you ever DO with that DVD? Did you take it to your local Walgreens, Meijer, or some other riff raff and get some terribly colored photos that look nothing like the files your photographer delivered?! WORSE YET, are they STILL sitting there on that DVD/USB never to see the light of day?!?! I SEE YOU!

In the words of the great, so wise Mighty Mouse, "HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAAAAAY!" I am not even going to give you the option to do this anymore. NOPE! You are all TOO dang cute...too freaking adorable...too much OMG YOU ARE KILLING MY HEART WITH YOUR CUTE FAMILIES to do this any longer. I am going to take you by the hand and do the job that I am meant to do...that is to #1, give you a great session that is FUN, acting out of character...just being yourselves and getting the goods. #2, I am going to take the work out of this for you. MY JOB is to give you the products. I have done so much research on the best products, labs, and everything else...I am not even going to get into how much I hate Shutterfly, Meijer, and all this stuff that is "cheap" because seriously...everything, EVERYTHING I have ever ordered from one of these places is discolored and terrible. To the untrained eye, it seems okay. To me, I scream, "NO THANKS!" because this is something you are going to have FOREVER! Do you think your little toddler is going to have their cute little baby teeth, squeezing your leg telling you, "I love you, Mommy!" in 20 years? Science says no...let's get real...this stuff is IMPORTANT! Time is something that we can NEVER get back.

Is this a soap box? Because let me get off it and get to the point. Don't freak out at the price of a reputable, impressive, beautiful work-producing photographer. You are getting what you pay for, and your babies are only babies once. Your toddlers are only toddlers once. Your children are only children once. Your seniors are only seniors once. Your family today will look so different every year. Invest in this. 

Picture yourself 20 years from now. I think of my kids...maybe they will be getting married 20 years from you think I am going to look at the beautiful canvas of the two of them holding each other's hands at ages 3 and 4 and think, "OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE I PAID FOR THIS!!!!" in 20 years? NO. WAY. EVER. I am going to be bawling my eyes out at how they are so old now, how these years were so short, how much I miss them, and I am going to CHERISH that thing! And when they have kids of their own, maybe I will pass along the canvas to them. I will give them their baby albums. I will hand down these photos to my kids and grandkids (they BETTER HAVE KIDS SOMEDAY!!) because they are treasures. They are us. It is NEVER a waste of money.

I spend more money at Target in any given quarter of the :) 

OH YEAH!! The FINANCING! I offer no-interest financing for your investment! How it works is for every package, a 25% down payment for each package is due prior to the session date. The remaining balance must be paid in full prior to the products being delivered. It is as simple as that! The remainder of the balance needs to be paid within 6 months of the session date, and the terms of that is your choice. You can make 6 equal monthly payments, bi-weekly payments, every other month payments...whatever works for you! I am the queen of no-interest financing. I do it anytime it is available anywhere, so it is only my pleasure to offer it to my clients!! The only fine print is that if you do not pay off the balance within 6 months of the session, it is possible for the price to change as my costs increase with my vendors, but I am very flexible as much as I can be! Please contact me if you have any questions!